Taverna del Pirata – Camogli (Genova)

I love this tavern: it’s pirate themed and full (and I mean FULL) of weird things everywhere. I found it casually some years ago and I fell in love. It’s in Via San Fortunato 8, in the beautiful Camogli. Taverna … Continue reading

Night in Camogli (Genova)


Two nights ago me and my friend Davide were going around Genova’s centre bored, so I had the idea to take him to a place he never been before, also one of my favourites: Camogli.
Camogli is a little sea town at just half a hour drive from Genova; in the summer it’s full of people, but at this time of the year tourists are gone and you can enjoy better the deserted historical centre on the sea and the small port. Continue reading

Drunk time-traveler

Good week end: when you go out with a friend, passing from aperitivo to aperitivo, talking about different dimensions, existence of Time and its perception.

Drunk time-traveler.
Photos: Davide Sossi

Vicoli di Genova – Italia

Some moments between 28th and 29th September 2013 (if Time exists)

Jim’s window

Yesterday I was guest for dinner at Stevie’s granparents. His grandfather, Jim, has a vegetable garden where he grows his own vegetables, fruits and spices. In the middle of it there’s a little wooden shed with a lovely window, full of spiderwebs and with a line of little coloured ceramic bottles.

Jim’s garden – Lurgan, Northern Ireland

August 2013


Today, even if the weather was not very good, we went for a walk around Lurgan. These are long days apart from my laboratory in Genoa, the only things that entertain me are my camera and my colours. I’m planning to walk to Oxford Island in the first day of good weather to take some photos and pass a day outdoor.

Lurgan – Northern Ireland

August 2013