New book: “Il Deserto dei Tartari” – Dino Buzzati

Today I’ll start a new book: “Il Deserto dei Tartari” (The Tartar Steppe) by Dino Buzzati. I love Buzzati, I read and read again his short novels and the novels “Un amore” and “Il segreto del bosco vecchio” (one of my favourite books).
I “met” his work when I was very young: at 11/12 I didn’t haved the possibility to just go out and buy books (nonetheless I was very lucky, since my mom was taking me every few months to the biggest bookshop in the city and letting me choose all the books I wanted, plus I had the possibility to buy them via mail 😉 ), so I used to read all I could find around. In my literature school book I found the short novel “Il Colombre” and I loved it. That strange feeling I felt in front of this story was probably due to the first time I was meeting the unavoidability of some happenings in life, the fears that could make a man miserable if he can’t pass them.
I have “Il Deserto dei Tartari” in my personal library from a long time, but I had a boyfriend that hated it so much that I continued in time to postpone its reading. Now a lot of things changed in my life, and here I am.

From Wikipedia:

Lo scrittore bellunese in un’intervista affermò che lo spunto per il romanzo, era nato “dalla monotona routine redazionale notturna che facevo a quei tempi. Molto spesso avevo l’idea che quel tran tran dovesse andare avanti senza termine e che mi avrebbe consumato così inutilmente la vita. È un sentimento comune, io penso, alla maggioranza degli uomini, soprattutto se incasellati nell’esistenza ad orario delle città. La trasposizione di questa idea in un mondo militare fantastico è stata per me quasi istintiva”.
Il tema centrale del romanzo è dunque quello della fuga del tempo.

The video I published in this post is related to the book: the song “Fortezza Bastiani” by Franco Battiato, from in his awesome album “X Stratagemmi”, is in fact inspired by the main place of the book.

Joy Division @ Staglieno

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Obviously we couldn’t miss the two sculpted graves that were used for Joy Division’s covers: cemetery watchmen helped us to find them, since especially the Appiani Tomb is not very easy to spot being in a secondary gallery 🙂

Tomba Appiani (Love Will Tear Us Apart) e Tomba Ribaudo (Closer), Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno – Genova, Italia

20th September 2013

Nine Inch Nails @ Belsonic (Belfast)

My boyfriend made me a surprise: for my birthday he took me to Nine Inch Nails concert in Belfast. It was amazing! Also I had no clue until we arrived at the location of the Belsonic Festival…thank you, Stephen! ♥

Belsonic Festival – Belfast, Northern Ireland

21 August 2013