Petites Planètes Volume 1 by Vincent Moon – Tom Zé

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I love Petites Planètes and Vincent Moon‘s works and all started from *OMG* La Blogothèque

Petites Planètes Volume 1 – Tom Zé

Read more about Vincent Moon on Wiki & watch his works on his site. Really, do it. Start the new year properly 😉

Two years…of many ♥

Today is my second anniversary with Stephen. Two years of long distance story, after meeting in a video game: if it wasn’t true, it’d be too much absurd.

It’s been hard to arrive to here: long times apart are not well known to make a relationship stable and without problems.

But he taught me the meaning of love. He’s my wonder everyday, from when we wake up to when we go to bed. It’s like this from two years and still is the same as the first day.

Oggi è il mio secondo anniversario con Stephen. Due anni di storia a distanza dopo esserci incontrati in un videogame: se non fosse vero, suonerebbe troppo assurdo.

Arrivare sin qui è stato difficle: l’essere distanti per lunghi periodi non è una cosa conosciuta nel rendere una relazione stabile e senza problemi.

Ma lui mi ha insegnato il significato della parola “amore. E’ la mia meraviglia ogni giorni, da quando ci svegliamo a quando andiamo a dormire. E’ così da due anni ed è comunque come se fosse il primo giorno.


We met the first time after months we were talking, as first as friends, the last times as something more. We decided to meet in a land that wasn’t Italy or Ireland, so none of us was feeling more home than the other, and we chose London. It seemed easy for both: Stevie was already ok with traveling alone, and, even if it was the first time I was flying, I had a direct flight from Genova to London. Unluckily the 4th November of two years ago was the day of the last big flood we had in my city: it took me 12 hours to get to London, and instead of departing from Genova at the end I had to depart from Milano Malpensa. I’m not telling here all the hell that happened to me in those 12 hours, only I was lucky enough to meet a woman that helped me a lot. And she did that also for a weird motivation: she, like me, was going to London to meet her boyfriend…an english man that she met on the web and with whom she was together from years 😉
By the way, I arrived in London at 11p.m.; since I was in the wrong airport, I had to take a night bus to another place, without understanding a word of what people were saying to me. After a hour I finally arrived at the right airport where I had to meet with Stephen. Even if in the morning I dressed all nice, after 12 hours of traveling I was a complete mess, but he saw me and told “You are beautiful” (I know he was lying, but still… 😀 ). Then he took my bag and we went to call a taxi hand in hand. Like we were together the day before. Like we knew each other from years.

Ci siamo incontrati la prima volta dopo mesi di chiacchierate sul web, all’inizio come amici, negli ultimi tempi come qualcosa di più. Abbiamo deciso di farlo in una terra che non fosse nè l’Italia nè l’Irlanda, così che nessuno dei due si sentisse più a casa dell’altro, così la scelta è ricaduta su Londra.  Sembrava molto semplice per entrambi: Stevie aveva già viaggiato da solo e, anche se per me era la prima volta che prendevo un aereo, avrei preso un volo diretto Genova – Londra. Sfortunatamente il 4 Novembre di due anni fa ci fu la più grave alluvione degli ultimi anni nella mia città: mi ci vollero 12 ore per arrivare a Londra, ed invece di partire da Genova alla fine dovetti partire da Milano Malpensa. Non sto a raccontare tutti i casini che mi accaddero in quelle 12 ore, dico solo che fui abbastanza fortunata da incontrare una signora che mi aiutò moltissimo. E lo fece anche per una motivazione particolare: quella signora, come me, stava andando a Londra ad incontrare il suo compagno…un uomo inglese incontrato sul web e con il quale stava da anni 😉Comunque arrivai a Londra alle 23.00; visto che ero nell’aeroporto sbagliato dovetti prendere un autobus notturno (tutto ciò capendo pochissimo di quel che la gente intorno a me diceva). Dopo un’ora finalmente arrivai all’aeroporto giusto, quello nel quale avevo appuntamento con Stevie (che a quel punto mi aspettava da un’infinità). Anche se al mattino ero partita tutta vestita carina, dopo 12 ore in viaggio ero in uno stato pietoso; ma lui mi vide e disse “sei bellissima” (lo so che stava mentendo spudoratamente, ma comunque… 😀 ). Quindi prese la mia valigia ed andammo a cercare un taxi mano nella mano. Come fossimo stati insieme il giorno prima. Come ci conoscessimo da anni.

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Goodbye Lou…

Yesterday, when I came back from Belfast, I was very happy for God Is An Astronaut concert…but then I found Lou Reed left us.

Addio Lou Reed and thank you for all the beautiful moments your music gifted me *and it will continue to do*.

Since from sunday afternoon I was happy and singing “Perfect Day” by myself…here it is 😦

God is an Astronaut live @ Limelight – Belfast

Sunday is the day of the week I hate more. But it’s not so bad if you have a dinner and a drink at Wetherspoon (it’s my favourite place to eat in Belfast from the first time I’ve been here)…


There was everything inside this burger…everything!


A double rum with coke to start the night!

…and then you have tickets for God Is An Astronaut live at the Limelight!

Limelight is my favourite Belfast’s club: the first time I’ve been in Northern Ireland we booked an apartment just at its corner and we were here pretty often, enjoying rock nights and concerts. Since of the period, this time it was even all dressed up for Halloween ♥


Stevie looking cool as we wait for the concert to start…


…me version Hobo-Boho Snow Queen (so cold for me that even inside the club at the start I was wearing all my clothes!)

Then the concert. It was from when I played music at Balla Coi Cinghiali 2011 (and I had a giant speaker shotting 40.000 W directly in my face) that I was not hearing music so loud: when the band started, everything, even the floor, was trembling. Luckily we couldn’t fall since we were completely stuck to the ground from years and years of sugary drinks poured on the floor.

Around the end of the concert the band put on some masks and played the last songs like that: music + lights + masks = a very good effect!



I wish I could have a God Is An Astronaut concert a day, my life in this period would need it!