Irish food drawings – Day 6

I’m in late with the posts, but I’ve been two days away for Saint Patrick’s…I’m sure you’ll not mind 😉

Day 6
(16th March 2014)


  • – Italian Coffee
  • – Cinnamon Swirl (I wish we had this in Italy, I really miss it when I’m not in Ireland!)



  • Sandwich with boiled eggs and salad cream (this is something that Stevie found a bit strange, but they work together very very good!)



Irish food drawings – Day 2

Day 2
(12th March 2014)


  • Italian coffee (yes, I have my italian coffee machine too! Or better, I have two, just in case one is not working anymore :P)
  • Muffin (the English one) —> in Italy we don’t know there are even these muffins I find here, I knew just only the sweet american muffins. If you, like me, didn’t know, read the difference here.



  • Gammon (Bistecca di prosciutto)
  • Sweetcorn (Mais)
  • Potato Wedges with chili

I had a wonderful dinner, cooked by Stevie; it was the first time I had gammon, it’s delicious! I added a bit of extra virgin oil on it and on the sweetcorn, as usual 😉


Quitting smoking with drawing

Hello everyone! I’ve been away a bit, but mostly it’s because I had a lot of work and…I’m quitting smoking. It’s been 18 years from my first cigarette and I never tried to stop before. I like to smoke. So why stopping? Easy: some nights ago I woke up without breathing anymore. While I was sitting in the middle of the night in my bed trying to get air inside my lungs I thought that maybe was time to stop. At least to stop smoking so much (I work in my house, where I’m free to smoke. Then I live in this house also, so even in all the rest of time I’m free to smoke 😉 ).
As I was there alone and I finally started to breath again, I couldn’t smoke a cigarette to celebrate the fact of me being still alive; so, to calm down, I took my book and started to draw. Made me feel better, so I decided this will be my therapy. I’m drawing everything I find 🙂

Ciao a tutti! Sono stata via per un po’, ma ho avuto un sacco di lavoro e…sto smettendo di fumare. Sono passati ben 18 anni dalla mia prima sigaretta e non ho mai provato a smettere prima. Mi piace fumare. Quindi perché smettere? Facile: qualche notte fa mi sono svegliata e non respiravo più. Mentre sedevo nel letto, nel mezzo della notte, cercando di far entrare l’aria nei miei polmoni, ho pensato che forse il tempo di smettere è arrivato. Almeno è arrivato di certo quello di fumar meno (lavoro in casa, dove posso fumare. Poi, casualmente, ci vivo anche, e continuo anche nel resto del tempo a poter fumare 😉 ).
Mentre ero lì sola e finalmente il primo respiro tornava a riempirmi di ossigeno, non potevo fumarmi una sigaretta per celebrare il fatto di essere ancora viva; quindi, per calmarmi, presi il mio quaderno ed iniziai a disegnare. Mi sentii subito meglio, quindi decisi che sarebbe stata la mia terapia. Adesso disegno tutto quello che mi si para davanti 🙂

PicMonkey Collagel

1. My kitchen in Genova with Pappa, my cat (pen and felt tips) – 2. Spices and other stuff in my kitchen in Genova (pen and felt tips) – 3. Stevie’s grandparents’ kitchen table and spaghetti with mushroom in Lurgan (pen and felt tips) – 4. Animals from a Rob MacInnis photo (Karisma pencils and pen)

I read somewhere on the web that there are mainly four reasons for the cigarettes you smoke:
1. Hunger
2. Anger
3. Boredom
4. Loneliness

Incredibly I’m in diet, very angry at the situation in my house, and I pass a lot of time being bored from loneliness. It’s true: try to manage these four feelings in a different manner (maybe without eating a boar or punching someone) and you can do miracles. Well, at least I hope 😉

Ho letto da qualche parte sul web che ci sono principalmente quattro ragioni dietro alle sigarette che fumiamo:
1. Fame
2. Rabbia
3. Noia
4. Solitudine

Incredibilmente al momento sono a dieta, molto arrabbiata per la situazione che ho in casa, e passo molto tempo annoiata per la solitudine. E’ vero: provate a gestire questi quattro sentimenti in modo diverso (magari senza mangiare un cinghiale o prendere a pugni qualcuno) e farete miracoli. Beh, almeno spero 😉