Doodling again: Ciagula


My sister liked my own doodle a lot, so I made one for her too. As the other one: black and white pens, watercolours, coloured pencils, felt tips on my sketchbook.

Another doodle: 1st of May


The 1st of May in Italy is the workers’ holiday: all around the cities there are workers parades and no one should be working in that day. As a friend wrote, this year, because of the crisis, half people of our age were working and the other half complaining for having no job. I add that probably a lot of those who were working that day are not payed enough or at all. I think this is the symbol of the society we are living in at the moment and of the problems of our generation.

By the way: I am one of the lucky ones that has a job and the 1st of May was *almost* free, so I went to the beautiful event a club I often go organized. There was live music, my ex boyfriend cooked his awesome boar and we had my sister’s wonderful tart, there were all day fava beans and salame and drinks and a lot of people and, most of all, friends. That’s my doodle thinking of the day. Black and white pens, watercolours, coloured pencils, as usual on my sketchbook.


2014-04-21 18
chthonic, adj.
Pronunciation: /ˈkθɒnɪk/
Etymology:  < Greek χθών, χθονός + -ic suffix.
Dwelling in or beneath the surface of the earth.

ctònio agg. [dal gr. χϑόνιος, der. di χϑών -ονός «terra»], letter. – Sotterraneo. Nella mitologia greca, divinità ctonie, dèi ctonî, divinità sotterranee il cui mito era in qualche modo collegato con la vita terrestre o sotterranea; divinità ctonia per eccellenza fu Ade, signore degli Inferi, per i Greci, Dite per i Latini. Nella storia delle religioni il termine è riferito anche a divinità, figure mitiche e leggendarie, sempre connesse con la terra, di civiltà religiose diverse da quella greca.

21th April 2014

Loc. Le Manie – Savona – Italia

View from a old window – Palazzo Ducale, Genova


Doesn’t it seems that the window is from my book to the outside?
By the way, this is the view you can have from the second floor of Palazzo Ducale in Genova.

Pen and pencil on paper.


2014-03-05 21.17.49l

Yesterday I’ve been at the beach: it was a beautiful day and I wanted to draw under the sun, by the sea. While there, I collected these pieces of woods you can see in the photo: the summer season is still far and so the beach was not yet cleaned, and covered in them. As I was putting them in a box, I thought to take a photo and then I posted it on Facebook; it had a lot of likes and this made me happy: we can have the ultimate technology, smartphones, internet, tv, the obsession for our bodies, wardrobes full of useless clothes and shoes and a society based on a lot of wrong ideas…but we will always be amazed by some pieces of wood coming from the sea. There’s still the same old human kind under all the horrible things and thoughts we wear, and this makes me happy.

Quitting smoking with drawing

Hello everyone! I’ve been away a bit, but mostly it’s because I had a lot of work and…I’m quitting smoking. It’s been 18 years from my first cigarette and I never tried to stop before. I like to smoke. So why stopping? Easy: some nights ago I woke up without breathing anymore. While I was sitting in the middle of the night in my bed trying to get air inside my lungs I thought that maybe was time to stop. At least to stop smoking so much (I work in my house, where I’m free to smoke. Then I live in this house also, so even in all the rest of time I’m free to smoke 😉 ).
As I was there alone and I finally started to breath again, I couldn’t smoke a cigarette to celebrate the fact of me being still alive; so, to calm down, I took my book and started to draw. Made me feel better, so I decided this will be my therapy. I’m drawing everything I find 🙂

Ciao a tutti! Sono stata via per un po’, ma ho avuto un sacco di lavoro e…sto smettendo di fumare. Sono passati ben 18 anni dalla mia prima sigaretta e non ho mai provato a smettere prima. Mi piace fumare. Quindi perché smettere? Facile: qualche notte fa mi sono svegliata e non respiravo più. Mentre sedevo nel letto, nel mezzo della notte, cercando di far entrare l’aria nei miei polmoni, ho pensato che forse il tempo di smettere è arrivato. Almeno è arrivato di certo quello di fumar meno (lavoro in casa, dove posso fumare. Poi, casualmente, ci vivo anche, e continuo anche nel resto del tempo a poter fumare 😉 ).
Mentre ero lì sola e finalmente il primo respiro tornava a riempirmi di ossigeno, non potevo fumarmi una sigaretta per celebrare il fatto di essere ancora viva; quindi, per calmarmi, presi il mio quaderno ed iniziai a disegnare. Mi sentii subito meglio, quindi decisi che sarebbe stata la mia terapia. Adesso disegno tutto quello che mi si para davanti 🙂

PicMonkey Collagel

1. My kitchen in Genova with Pappa, my cat (pen and felt tips) – 2. Spices and other stuff in my kitchen in Genova (pen and felt tips) – 3. Stevie’s grandparents’ kitchen table and spaghetti with mushroom in Lurgan (pen and felt tips) – 4. Animals from a Rob MacInnis photo (Karisma pencils and pen)

I read somewhere on the web that there are mainly four reasons for the cigarettes you smoke:
1. Hunger
2. Anger
3. Boredom
4. Loneliness

Incredibly I’m in diet, very angry at the situation in my house, and I pass a lot of time being bored from loneliness. It’s true: try to manage these four feelings in a different manner (maybe without eating a boar or punching someone) and you can do miracles. Well, at least I hope 😉

Ho letto da qualche parte sul web che ci sono principalmente quattro ragioni dietro alle sigarette che fumiamo:
1. Fame
2. Rabbia
3. Noia
4. Solitudine

Incredibilmente al momento sono a dieta, molto arrabbiata per la situazione che ho in casa, e passo molto tempo annoiata per la solitudine. E’ vero: provate a gestire questi quattro sentimenti in modo diverso (magari senza mangiare un cinghiale o prendere a pugni qualcuno) e farete miracoli. Beh, almeno spero 😉