MOVIE: “Il Demonio (The Demon)” – Brunello Rondi (1963)

I really enjoyed this movie, unluckily it’s in italian and there are no english subtitles. The story is about the possession of a young woman living in a south italian little town; half of my family is from South of … Continue reading

MOVIE: “Krokodyle” – Stefano Bessoni (2010)

Last night’s movie: “Krokodyle” – Stefano Bessoni (2010)

It’s not easy to find a movie that both me and Stevie can enjoy and that he never watched before. Italian cinema is the best option, and he liked this strange movie a lot (so do I, and also it was a pain to find the dvd -____-’ ).


12th September 2013

P.S. Stefano Bessoni is a director, a writer and an amazing illustrator, I love his work! Don’t forget to check it out on his site.

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