Irish food drawings – Day 5

Day 5
(15th March 2014)


  • (English) Muffin with butter and Parma Ham
  • Club Orange



  • (Stevie’s) Spaghetti alla Carbonara
  • Garlic bread —> pane all’aglio, qui usato come una specie di contorno alla pasta (un contorno alla pasta? Ma soprattutto: pane di contorno alla pasta?!? Non dite altro, lo so già… 😛 )


Irish food drawings – Day 4

Day 4
(14th March 2014)

Yesterday seemed that my italian taste won for a day 😉


  • (Italian) Coffee



  • Chickpeas Soup with extra virgin oil (Zuppa di Ceci con olio extra vergine)




When I met Stevie he didn’t have idea of what aperitivo was and I didn’t know it’s mostly an italian tradition. I’m not sure if and where it exists out of Italy…what I’m sure of is that in Northern Ireland they don’t have it. In fact when I explained him that aperitivo in Genova is when you go to a bar before dinner to have alcoholic drinks served with free food he was very surprised. He couldn’t believe that here they’re for real giving you free food just because you drink.
Obviously in time it became one of his favourite italian traditions, and every time he’s coming to Italy we never miss to have at least one or two 😉

So yesterday I woke up to go to Staglieno cemetery but, since of the very early closing time, I ended up in my laboratory and then I went for aperitivo in one of my favourite places in the centre of Genova, Piazza delle Erbe.

Aperitivo: Negroni Sbagliato & Japanese Ice Tea + food @ Biggie, Piazza delle Erbe – Genova, Italy

18th September 2013

A “safari” in Riserva San Massimo

Yesterday we had the the pleasure to go to visit a beautiful place on the occasion of our friend Roberta’s birthday: she invited us to her estate in the middle of Ticino Valley natural park, Riserva San Massimo.
In this marvellous natural reserve, big as 900 football fields, they grow a high quality Carnaroli Rice and they have many species of flora and fauna. We have been taken around for a visit with a big jeep (I can’t remember the proper name of the truck we used, you can see it in the first photo), having the possibility to ask whatever we wanted to the ranger who came with us and to spot some wild animals as deers and storks.
The ranger shown us the spring of the water they use to grow rice (there were even some funny little frogs there, but they were too fast to take a photo of them) and explained a lot of interesting facts about the rice plantation.

Riserva San Massimo – Gropello Cairoli (Pavia), Italia

14th September 2013

Cannoli siciliani


I came back from Northern Ireland thinking I ate too much, but then the scale told me something different: I was incredibily one kg less than when I departed! So I decided to celebrate with a cannolo siciliano (and a coffee, obviously)…and Stevie was not sorry at all 😉

Cannolo siciliano is a sweet made of a fried pastry and a filling of ricotta, a cheese that can be used for both sweet and savoury foods. This one, since I had it in Genova, is not the original one: you can have that in Sicily and it tastes slightly different. Still it was good to have it 🙂

12th September 2013

Genova – Italia