The Strand – Derry/Londonderry


The Strand bar seen from The Ice Wharf – Pen and watercolours

My sketchbook, together with this blog, is like my personal room when I feel lost or I don’t know what to do, where to go or how the future will be. It’s very good when, randomly, I look at the pages and I find my drawings or my notes and it’s like I am back in the past, at that exact moment I drew or wrote about.
Yesterday, as I was looking at my sketchbook, I found this drawing I never published. It’s “The Strand” bar seen from a table of the “Ice Wharf”, in Derry/Londonderry – Northern Ireland. As it’s written on the page, it was the 8th of January 2014 and we spent the night (well, what was left of it after Sandinos) at the Travel Lodge right beside the Ice Wharf. At 12 we had to leave the room, so we went at the bar to have something to eat; I had a wonderful (and very cheap!) Ulster Fry for breakfast/lunch and then we waited some time for our train. That’s when I did this drawing of the bar in front. We even lost the train that day and Stevie, who is very precise on times, was pretty annoyed at it, and it made me laugh as usual (I live constantly in late). 😀

I love Derry, it’s always great to go there ♥

Derry/Londonderry Saint Patrick’s Parade 2014

This is the video I took at St. Patrick’s Parade in Derry/Londonderry; unluckily it’s not the complete parade since it started to rain so hard (and we were without umbrella) that I had to put my camera back. Anyway it’s a big part of it, enjoy!

Questo è il video che ho girato alla Parata di San Patrizio a Derry/Londonderry; sfortunatamente non è completa poiché nel bel mezzo ha iniziato a piovere così tanto (e non avevamo un ombrello) che ho dovuto metter via la macchina fotografica. Ad ogni modo nel video c’è un bel pezzo di parata, enjoy!

Irish food drawings – Day 7 (Saint Patrick’s!)

Day 7
(17th March 2014)


We passed Saint Patrick’s in Derry/Londonderry and, in addition to the beautiful parade, there was the Food Festival; it was composed of a lot of stands with different typical irish foods. To chose what to eat was really not easy, but at the end I went for this:

Abbiamo passato San Patrizio a Derry e, oltre alla bellissima parata, c’era anche la fiera culinaria, composta da tanti stand con diversi cibi tipici irlandesi. Scegliere cosa mangiare non è stato facile, ma alla fine mi son buttata su questo: 

  • Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, BBQ sauce and beetroot cream (delicious!)


Tea break, dinner, after dinner…whatever:

  • Guinness (yes, I know it’s strange after almost three years of Ireland, but this was the first time we went out and had Guinness!)
  • Harp


Irish food drawings – Day 4

Day 4
(14th March 2014)

Yesterday seemed that my italian taste won for a day 😉


  • (Italian) Coffee



  • Chickpeas Soup with extra virgin oil (Zuppa di Ceci con olio extra vergine)


Irish food drawings – Day 3

Day 3
(13th March 2014)


  • (Italian) Coffee
  • Double Chocolate Mini Muffin



  • (English) Muffin
  • (Italian) Salame Felino ♥ (here they don’t have salame sigh!)


Tea Break:

  • A tea (me…yes, I did, I had a tea instead of a coffee!)
  • Cappuccino (Stevie)

We went to a Coffee House in Lurgan called ICONS; it’s very nice and comfortable, I think I’ll be back there other times, maybe to have a coffee or tea while I draw! 😉



  • Rustic chicken with vegetables (potatoes, long green beans, carrots)


Sun in Northern Ireland

I’m back to Northern Ireland! I arrived yesterday in the afternoon and the weather was amazing: with the sun Ireland is even more green than usual. I don’t know yet how much time I’ll stay, for now I’m just happy to be back 😉

These are some photos I took from the car while traveling: nothing special since they have been taken with the phone, but they’ll give you the mood ♥

Guides from!

It’s not always easy to decide what to see when I go to Ireland: we all know about Dublin (that – I know, it’s a shame – I still have to visit), Belfast, the Giant’s Causeway…but I don’t always have the money to visit the main places when I’m there. Often I can’t go so far from when I’m hosted, and definitely, when I have the budget, I can visit only one place at the time, so I need to plan accurately in advance.
This is why at the beginning of January I asked to the site for some guides on Ireland and Northern Ireland and they gently sent me them home in Italy (and in italian): this will help me for sure in my next travel plannings.

Non è sempre facile decidere cosa vedere quando vado in Irlanda: conosciamo tutti Dublino (che – lo so, è una vergogna – devo ancora visitare), Belfast, le Giant’s Causeway…ma non sempre ho il denaro necessario per visitare i principali luoghi d’interesse quando parto. Spesso non posso andare molto lontano da dove sono ospitata, e per lo più, quando ho il busget, posso visitare solo un posto alla volta, quindi ho bisogno di pianificare accuratamente in anticipo.
Ecco perché all’inizio di Gennaio ho richiesto al sito di inviarmi qualche guida su Irlanda ed Irlanda del Nord, e loro gentilmente me le hanno spedite a casa in Italia (ed in italiano): mi aiuteranno di certo nell’organizzazione dei miei prossimi viaggi.

Here is what arrived:

Ecco cosa è arrivato:


The official magazine of Ireland – La rivista ufficiale dell’Irlanda


Irlanda del Nord – La guida per il visitatore 2013 – 2014


L’utilissima cartina Explore Ireland (la prima che possiedo! :D)

Thank you!