I just can’t get enough

Singing Depeche Mode and doodling: this is what can happen. Pretty acid.


“I just can’t get enough” – Pilot pen, white pen and karisma pencils – 2014


A very important letter’s envelope

Let’s think positive. Stevie is going to meet an english guy who teaches the language to children (like Andrea, my little brother). In Italy. Near my house. Who is married to an italian woman and probably can understand the difficulties of living in two different countries, continously moving and never having a certain future [—-> because ok, I know I travel a lot, but honestly I was not chosing Ireland for ten consecutively times if I was going in holidays as everyone thinks].
It will happen nothing, for the hundredth time, ok. But at least it is a try. And to wish us good luck I drew this envelope for the little Andrea, that loves to draw and to play with Stevie: he will be the one giving Stevie’s message to the english teacher 🙂


Irish food drawings – Day 2

Day 2
(12th March 2014)


  • Italian coffee (yes, I have my italian coffee machine too! Or better, I have two, just in case one is not working anymore :P)
  • Muffin (the English one) —> in Italy we don’t know there are even these muffins I find here, I knew just only the sweet american muffins. If you, like me, didn’t know, read the difference here.



  • Gammon (Bistecca di prosciutto)
  • Sweetcorn (Mais)
  • Potato Wedges with chili

I had a wonderful dinner, cooked by Stevie; it was the first time I had gammon, it’s delicious! I added a bit of extra virgin oil on it and on the sweetcorn, as usual 😉


The story of Margorie McCall, lived once, buried twice

Today I want to tell you a story that happened long time ago in Lurgan, the town from where my boyfriend is. When Stephen narrated me it, I couldn’t believe to my ears and he had to go to collect photographic proof of what he was saying even just only for me to take it in consideration as farly true.
Instead, what you are about to read seems that really happened, obviously with details often fading in time’s mist, maybe added during the hundreds of times that innumerable, different voices told the story.

Oggi voglio raccontarvi una storia accaduta molto tempo fa a Lurgan, la cittadina dalla quale proviene il mio compagno. Quando Stephen me la raccontò, non potevo credere alle mie orecchie e dovette andare a raccogliere prove fotografiche di ciò che diceva perché io la prendessi in considerazione anche solo come lontanamente vera.
Ciò che leggerete sembra invece essere realmente accaduto, ovviamente con particolari che a volte sfumano nelle nebbie del tempo, forse aggiunti nelle centinaia di volte in cui la storia è stata raccontata da innumerevoli, diverse voci.


It’s the early 1700s and Margorie McCall, the main character of our story, lives happily in Church Place, Lurgan, with her husband John, a doctor.
In 1705, unluckily, Margorie gets sick, she has fever, that at that time could be a very serious illness, and shortly she dies.

Sono i primi anni del 1700 e Margorie McCall, la protagonista della nostra storia, vive felicemente a Church Place, una zona di Lurgan, con suo marito John, di professione medico.
Nel 1705 però, putroppo, Margorie si ammala di febbre, che a quei tempi poteva portare a brutte conseguenze, ed in breve muore.


There’s a wake for her death and, plus than being grieving for the loss, the husband and relatives were worried about her wedding ring: they tried to take it off from her hand, but it was swallen and no one could make it. The main problem were the grave robbers, that at that time often were paying visit to the deads for selling the body and steal the precious things in the grave.

Viene fatta una veglia per la sua morte e, oltre ad essere in lutto per la perdita, il marito ed i familiari sono preoccupati a causa dell’anello di matrimonio: hanno provato a toglierlo dalla sua mano, ma il gonfiore lo ha impedito e nessuno ce l’ha fatta. Il problema principale sono i tombaroli, che a quel tempo spesso facevano visita ai morti per venderne il corpo e rubare gli oggetti preziosi presenti nella sepoltura.


As everyone was worried, that night grave robbers went to her grave: they went inside Shankill Cemetery and dig up Margorie. They want to sell her body, but to have the ring too; despite all their labour, they can’t take it off, so they decide to cut her finger.

Quella notte infatti i tombaroli non tardano: entrano nel Cimitero di Shankill e disseppelliscono Margorie. Vogliono venderne il corpo, ma vogliono anche l’anello; nonostante tutti gli sforzi, neppure loro riescono a sfilarlo dal dito della donna, così decidono di tagliare direttamente il dito.

Margorie_McCall_4lAs they cut her finger, Margorie wakes up and starts to scream. The grave robbers are so scared that they run away (someone says that one of them dropped dead on the ground, and, however it was in real, everyone agrees that both changed job after that night).

Appena le tagliano il dito, Margorie si sveglia ed inizia ad urlare. I tombaroli si spaventano così tanto che scappano via (alcuni dicono che uno dei due crollò a terra morto dallo spavento, e, comunque sia andata, tutti concordano che entrambi cambiarono lavoro dopo quella notte).


At that point Margorie gets out of the grave and go back home. When John hear someone knocking says to his cildren: “if it wasn’t impossible, I’d say it’s your mom knocking” and goes to see who is. When he opens the door he finds his wife, covered in ground and blood and dressed as at the wake. He dies immediatly because of fear.

A quel punto Margorie esce dalla tomba e torna a casa. John, quando sente bussare, dice ai figli: “se non fosse impossibile, sembrerebbe vostra madre che bussa” e va ad aprire. Quando apre la porta trova la moglie, ricoperta di terra e sangue e vestita come alla veglia. Muore dalla paura.


When, years later, Margorie dies, her body is returned to Shankill Cemetery and she gets buried with her husband. On the grave is added a stone with written: “Margorie McCall – Lived once, buried twice” and this time, to be sure she is not coming back, the tomb is covered with a layer of cement.

Quando, anni dopo, Margorie muore, le sue spoglie vengono riportate al Cimitero di Shankill e viene sepolta insieme al marito. Sulla tomba viene posta la sua lapide, che recita: “Margorie McCall – Vissuta una volta, seppellita due” e questa volta, per esser certi che non torni, la sepoltura viene coperta con uno strato di cemento.

You can still find Margorie McCall’s grave at Shankill Cemetery in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

Potete trovare la tomba di Margorie McCall ancora oggi al Cimitero di Shankill a Lurgan, Irlanda del Nord.

margorie mccall grave (2)

Drawings and photo: © Emanuela Mae Agrini

Story: Stephen told me it and you can find some more at lurganancestry.com

MOVIE: “Krokodyle” – Stefano Bessoni (2010)

Last night’s movie: “Krokodyle” – Stefano Bessoni (2010)

It’s not easy to find a movie that both me and Stevie can enjoy and that he never watched before. Italian cinema is the best option, and he liked this strange movie a lot (so do I, and also it was a pain to find the dvd -____-’ ).


12th September 2013

P.S. Stefano Bessoni is a director, a writer and an amazing illustrator, I love his work! Don’t forget to check it out on his site.

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