“Flatland” – Page 51


Furious at his perversity, and especially indignant that he professed to be ignorant of my sex, I retorted in no measured terms, “Besotted Being! You think yourslef the perfection of existence, while you are in reality the most imperfect and imbecile. You profess to see, whereas you can see nothing but a Point! You plume yourself on inferring the existence of a Straight Line; but I can see Straight Lines, and infer the existence of Angles, Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, Hexagons, and even Circles. Why waste more words? Suffice if that I am the completion of your incomplete self. You are a Line, but I am a Line of Lines, called in my country a Square: and even I, infinitely superior though I am to you, am of little account among the great nobles of Flatland, whence I have come to visit you, in the hope of enlightnening your ignorance.”

Edwin A. Abbot – “Flatland – A romance of many dimensions”


Saturday night my friend Davide told me about this book: “Flatland” by Edwin A. Abbott. It seems to be a very weird story about different dimensions. Sunday morning I went to search and I ordered it on Book Depository (you can find an online version, though, but I can’t be bothered of reading on the laptop).

Can’t wait for it to arrive, I’m very curious!