MOVIE: “Random acts of violence” – Ashley Cahill (2013)

MOVIE: “Random acts of violence” – Ashley Cahill (2013)
Random Acts of Violence 2013 - 1Malcolm is sure of a thing: in 70s/80s New York was a better place since the amount of violence in the city was taking low the rents of the houses and the lifestyle, so a lot of artists and creative people were living there. Now the life became easier and the city is gentrified, it has lost the dangerous status and with it the interesting people.
His project is to start a revolution to get the city back at that ambient, and in his mind it’s possible only making rise again the number of crimes, so he starts to randomly murder people. Since this is a very ambitious project, he goes around with a troupe filming a documentary about him and his “revolution”.
Unluckily it’s less easier than expected for crimes to be on the first page in New York’s newspapers…

A low budget, weird movie with an interesting story. I didn’t like so much the ending, but I enjoyed the rest of the film.

(Also yes, I hate people using phones while watching movies at the cinema too.)


P.s. you read right on the poster: not only random acts of violence, but even a random Kirsten Dunst appearance.

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