Infinite, like the sea or a railway


I come from Genoa, an italian city by the sea. Like every person grown by the sea, I often say I couldn’t live without it, and there’s a big motivation for that: looking at the sea is like looking at the infinite. You can just sit there and watch the horizon line fade into the water while your thoughts flow in the air around you. If something is annoying you, you can just look at that vast sweep of water and imagine to go away, far, so far you can’t even know. Well, at least I done a million times and that made me feel better. It’s the feeling of the infinite, of the unknown, the unseen that makes you feel better. The sea means no barriers, no walls…just freedom.
So the point is: here where I am now I can’t see the sea. It’s stupid, since Ireland is an island, but from here I can’t see it. I went by the sea in Belfast, but it was strange: grey and rough, full of rain, covered in black clouds…made me feel uncomfortable.
Yesterday, going around Lurgan, I suddenly found myself on a bridge, and under it there was the railway. Looking at it I saw it was going far, far away and I couldn’t see the end of it. That reminded me of the sea, even if it wasn’t really exactly the same feeling. Still a bit of infinite in the middle of Northern Ireland…I took a photo of it.

Lurgan railway – Northern Ireland

August 2013