MOVIE: “Blue Valentine” – Derek Cianfrance (2010)

MOVIE: “Blue Valentine” – Derek Cianfrance (2010) I’m not a great fan of romantic movies, but for some reason I wanted to watch this. Probably it was because of the title, that is the same of a great Tom Waits’ … Continue reading

MOVIE: “Leslie, my name is evil” – Reginald Harkema (2009)

MOVIE: “Leslie, my name is evil” – Reginald Harkema (2009) This movie is about the story of Leslie Van Houten, a 60s teenager, former prom queen, that joined the Manson’s Family and took part in their murders. What happens when … Continue reading

MOVIE: “Heavenly Creatures” – Peter Jackson (1994)

MOVIE: “Heavenly Creatures” – Peter Jackson (1994) The movie is based on a true story, the one of the Parker-Hulme murder, happened in New Zealand during the 50s. It tells about the friendship between the two teenagers Pauline Parker and … Continue reading

MOVIE: “Io e te (Me and you)” – Bernardo Bertolucci (2012)

MOVIE: “Io e te (Me and you)” – Bernardo Bertolucci (2012) I enjoyed this movie a lot. It’s the story of Lorenzo, problematic adolescent who decides to go living for a week in the basement of his house while his … Continue reading

MOVIE: “The Wall (Die Wand)” – Julian Pölsler (2012)

MOVIE: “The Wall (Die Wand)” – Julian Pölsler (2012) Imagine to go in holiday in a beautiful and isolated place, in the middle of nature, with some friends and to suddenly become a prisoner of that paradise, alone and without … Continue reading

MOVIE: “Asylum” – David Mackenzie (2005)

MOVIE: “Asylum” – David Mackenzie (2005) I love this story. I loved it in Patrick McGrath’s book, I loved it in this movie, that is an almost perfect transposition of the literary version. The characters, places, situations…I imagined them all … Continue reading

MOVIE: “My first mister” – Christine Lahti (2001)

MOVIE: “My first mister” – Christine Lahti (2001) I never heard about this movie before, but when I saw it listed on Netflix UK the main character look intrigued me, so I decided to watch it. Nothing special: it’s the … Continue reading

Movie: The Piano Teacher – Michael Haneke (2001)

Movie: “The Piano Teacher” – Michael Haneke (2001) Some nights ago I watched a movie I was curious about; I’m talking of “The Piano Teacher” by Michael Haneke (director of the ferocious “Funny Games”). Since of the movie’s topic, it … Continue reading

Movie: “Prozac Nation” – Erik Skjoldbjærg (2001)

Last night’s movie: “Prozac Nation” – Erik Skjoldbjærg (2001) From Elizabeth Wurtzel’s best seller on her experience with depression. Now I’m curious to read the book, but I liked the movie so and so: for me, it lacks of that … Continue reading