Irish food drawings – Day 6

I’m in late with the posts, but I’ve been two days away for Saint Patrick’s…I’m sure you’ll not mind 😉

Day 6
(16th March 2014)


  • – Italian Coffee
  • – Cinnamon Swirl (I wish we had this in Italy, I really miss it when I’m not in Ireland!)



  • Sandwich with boiled eggs and salad cream (this is something that Stevie found a bit strange, but they work together very very good!)


Cinnamon swirls ♥


Buongiorno! I love cinnamon swirls ♥
They’re almost impossible to find in Italy, so I try to eat as much as I can here before going home 🙂

Breakfast with espresso and cinnamon swirls @ Lurgan – Northern Ireland

3rd September 2013