Histoire d’O – Pagina 101

histoire d'o
“Chi può avere pietà di coloro che aspettano? E’ così facile riconoscerli: per la loro dolcezza, per il loro sguardo falsamente attento – attento, sì, ma a qualcosa di diverso da ciò a cui guardano – per la loro assenza.” (*)

“Storia di O” – Pauline Réage

(*) I read it in italian, here there is the translation in english, I found it in the complete book in pdf:

“Who pities those who wait? They are easily recognized: by their gentleness, by their falsely attentive looks – attentive, yes, but to something other than what they are looking at – by their absent-mindedness.”

“The “high side” of Vegas is probably the most closed society west of Sicily […]”

Hunter S. Thompson – “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

Even since of my sicilian origin, this joke made me laugh a lot yesterday on the bus xD

30th September 2013