When I met Stevie he didn’t have idea of what aperitivo was and I didn’t know it’s mostly an italian tradition. I’m not sure if and where it exists out of Italy…what I’m sure of is that in Northern Ireland they don’t have it. In fact when I explained him that aperitivo in Genova is when you go to a bar before dinner to have alcoholic drinks served with free food he was very surprised. He couldn’t believe that here they’re for real giving you free food just because you drink.
Obviously in time it became one of his favourite italian traditions, and every time he’s coming to Italy we never miss to have at least one or two 😉

So yesterday I woke up to go to Staglieno cemetery but, since of the very early closing time, I ended up in my laboratory and then I went for aperitivo in one of my favourite places in the centre of Genova, Piazza delle Erbe.

Aperitivo: Negroni Sbagliato & Japanese Ice Tea + food @ Biggie, Piazza delle Erbe – Genova, Italy

18th September 2013