View from a old window – Palazzo Ducale, Genova


Doesn’t it seems that the window is from my book to the outside?
By the way, this is the view you can have from the second floor of Palazzo Ducale in Genova.

Pen and pencil on paper.

Boccadasse – Genova

While I was wandering in the web I found this beautiful photo (unluckily the copyright was not specified, so if you know who is the author write me to add it, please) of my city, that made me dream with my eyes open: the colours, the sea, the atmosphere…or better: one of the many atmospheres that you can breathe in different spots of Genoa. I am born here, but above all my soul here was moulded, there’s no doubt. Of sea and wind, of infinite horizon and stones, of colours  and scents, of sweetness and roughness.

Mentre vagavo per il web ho trovato questa foto bellissima (purtroppo non era indicato il copyright, quindi se doveste sapere di chi sia scrivetemi pure per aggiungerlo) della mia città, che mi ha fatta sognare ad occhi aperti: i colori, il mare, l’atmosfera…o meglio: una delle tante atmosfere che si possono respirare in diversi punti di Genova. Qui sono nata, ma soprattutto è stata forgiata la mia anima, non c’è dubbio. Di mare e vento, di orizzonte infinito e pietre, di colori ed odori, di dolcezza ed asprezza.

Boccadasse - Genova

Boccadasse – Genova

Taverna del Pirata – Camogli (Genova)

I love this tavern: it’s pirate themed and full (and I mean FULL) of weird things everywhere. I found it casually some years ago and I fell in love. It’s in Via San Fortunato 8, in the beautiful Camogli. Taverna … Continue reading

Night in Camogli (Genova)


Two nights ago me and my friend Davide were going around Genova’s centre bored, so I had the idea to take him to a place he never been before, also one of my favourites: Camogli.
Camogli is a little sea town at just half a hour drive from Genova; in the summer it’s full of people, but at this time of the year tourists are gone and you can enjoy better the deserted historical centre on the sea and the small port. Continue reading



Mankind can’t resist to change nature. We want to feel home even in the depth of a forest, we are scared of being lost, alone, forgot, of disappearing. This thing tells a lot about our weakness. We create things for others to leave a sign of our passage and to make them come back. I find this sweet.

Voltaggio – Alessandria, Italia

22th September 2013