Petites Planètes Volume 1 by Vincent Moon – Tom Zé

petite_planetes - tom zè

I love Petites Planètes and Vincent Moon‘s works and all started from *OMG* La Blogothèque

Petites Planètes Volume 1 – Tom Zé

Read more about Vincent Moon on Wiki & watch his works on his site. Really, do it. Start the new year properly 😉

Goodbye Lou…

Yesterday, when I came back from Belfast, I was very happy for God Is An Astronaut concert…but then I found Lou Reed left us.

Addio Lou Reed and thank you for all the beautiful moments your music gifted me *and it will continue to do*.

Since from sunday afternoon I was happy and singing “Perfect Day” by myself…here it is 😦

God is an Astronaut live @ Limelight – Belfast

Sunday is the day of the week I hate more. But it’s not so bad if you have a dinner and a drink at Wetherspoon (it’s my favourite place to eat in Belfast from the first time I’ve been here)…


There was everything inside this burger…everything!


A double rum with coke to start the night!

…and then you have tickets for God Is An Astronaut live at the Limelight!

Limelight is my favourite Belfast’s club: the first time I’ve been in Northern Ireland we booked an apartment just at its corner and we were here pretty often, enjoying rock nights and concerts. Since of the period, this time it was even all dressed up for Halloween ♥


Stevie looking cool as we wait for the concert to start…


…me version Hobo-Boho Snow Queen (so cold for me that even inside the club at the start I was wearing all my clothes!)

Then the concert. It was from when I played music at Balla Coi Cinghiali 2011 (and I had a giant speaker shotting 40.000 W directly in my face) that I was not hearing music so loud: when the band started, everything, even the floor, was trembling. Luckily we couldn’t fall since we were completely stuck to the ground from years and years of sugary drinks poured on the floor.

Around the end of the concert the band put on some masks and played the last songs like that: music + lights + masks = a very good effect!



I wish I could have a God Is An Astronaut concert a day, my life in this period would need it!