Coffee cream recipe


It’s useless to say that the cooking here in Northern Ireland is completely different from the italian one: the first times I’ve been here every dinner was a pain, but now I learnt to enjoy it. Nonetheless I miss italian dishes and I cook them as much as I can (for Stevie’s happiness, also 😉 ). Some days ago I was very bored and so I tried to make something very easy and not too long, featuring my beloved espresso coffee.

Coffee cream (Crema al caffè)

– flour: 2 spoons
– milk: 1/2 litre
– sugar: 3 spoons
– coffee: 3 espresso cups

1. Put inside a pan flour and sugar and mix them .

2. Pour the milk in the sugar and flour paying attention to create a uniform mixture.

3. Put the pot on low fire and stir. Add bit by bit the coffee and continue to stir until the mix in the pot boils.

4. Let it boil for a minute continuing to stir the cream.

5. Put the result in cups and enjoy it hot or let it cool down if you prefer to eat it as a pudding.

p.s. sorry in advance if there are any errors in my text, it’s the first recipe I translate 😉