MOVIE: “Enter the void” – Gaspar Noé (2009)

MOVIE: “Enter the void” – Gaspar Noé (2009)

A young, foreigner drug dealer in Tokyo is killed by police during a job. He leaves in the city his little sister, who he worked to take in Japan to live together, and a bunch of few other people, who he follows after his death.
A weird movie, in which we see the first part from a long subjective shot, then we fly with the soul of Oscar around Tokyo to follow the happenings in the life of those who remained, how his death changed them, going occasionally back to his and Linda’s (his sister) difficult past. It’s the soul that tells us the story, that still shows memories, feelings, powerlessness: and it’s all still so human.
Tokyo has never been so dark and confusing: we see it almost always by night and as under the effect of drugs, as the events of the main characters are falling down one after another, from betrayal to sex work, from death to being hunted by police. The first image we have of it, is a luminous sign with written “Enter”, which is in front of Oscar’s room, then the walk on drugs to the “Void”, club where a friend of Oscar is waiting for drugs…and he is not alone.
This is not a soft movie: it’s a hard story, where no one seems to be who he is, that teaches us that the “bad” people sometimes are not the real bad, and that not all good stories have happy endings.


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