The story of Margorie McCall, lived once, buried twice

A northern irish story I collected and illustrated some time ago, enjoy! 🙂
*Una storia nord irlandese che mi sono fatta raccontare ed ho illustrato qualche tempo fa, enjoy! :)*


Today I want to tell you a story that happened long time ago in Lurgan, the town from where my boyfriend is. When Stephen narrated me it, I couldn’t believe to my ears and he had to go to collect photographic proof of what he was saying even just only for me to take it in consideration as farly true.
Instead, what you are about to read seems that really happened, obviously with details often fading in time’s mist, maybe added during the hundreds of times that innumerable, different voices told the story.

Oggi voglio raccontarvi una storia accaduta molto tempo fa a Lurgan, la cittadina dalla quale proviene il mio compagno. Quando Stephen me la raccontò, non potevo credere alle mie orecchie e dovette andare a raccogliere prove fotografiche di ciò che diceva perché io la prendessi in considerazione anche solo come lontanamente vera.
Ciò che leggerete sembra invece…

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