MOVIE: “Sinister” – Scott Derrickson (2012)

Last night’s movie: “Sinister” – Scott Derrickson (2012)

It was a lot of time that I wasn’t putting on the light to watch a movie, so it made me laugh uncomfortably when last night me and Stevie turned it on. Not only: I wanted him to lock the doors xD The first part of this movie is very well done, scary, with growing suspance. I enjoyed it until almost the very end, when it starts to lose pieces. I’m not telling more because I don’t want to write spoilers, but there were some things that were impossible to forget for the main character, but still he did. Well, still a good movie 🙂

My vote: ★★★★☆
Stevie’s vote:  ★★★☆☆


By the way, I couldn’t stop to call the movie monster Mortiis…separated at birth! xD

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