“You’re gonna need a bigger coat”

Back to Northern Ireland. I had a horrible flight, full of turbulence, passed trying to end more sudokus I could with very loud music in my earphones, just to keep my attention somewhere else. I want to thank the girl that sat at my side and thought, to make everyone feel comfortable, to make the sign of the cross before departing: that made me feel not worried at all.

By the way, now I’m here. I still have to get used to the temperature, that is way lower than the italian one: 4° against the temperature in Genova, of 20°.


…yes, I do.

I had very bad days before coming here: once again I have no idea of what will happen in my life, probably I will have to go to live for a bit at a friend’s house. But for three weeks I’ll be here, and I choose to be calm and think about what to change in this mess that once could have been called my life.

Also, the place helps: yesterday I went out and I found *not just only one, but* two rainbows randomly in the sky! According to Irish mythology, somewhere there were two leprechaun‘s pots of gold waiting to be found. I wish I found them, so I’d be in less trouble 😉

Anyway this put me in a good mood, so I went to buy some Halloween treats…

I love Halloween


P.s. Now you are curious about how many sudoku I ended on the plane, don’t you? 😛

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