Night in Camogli (Genova)


Two nights ago me and my friend Davide were going around Genova’s centre bored, so I had the idea to take him to a place he never been before, also one of my favourites: Camogli.
Camogli is a little sea town at just half a hour drive from Genova; in the summer it’s full of people, but at this time of the year tourists are gone and you can enjoy better the deserted historical centre on the sea and the small port.


As you arrive in the town you find the giant pan that is used for Sagra del Pesce, a fish fair that every year takes here a lot of people to eat the fish fried from fishermen. The pan’s weight is 3650 Kg, it has a diameter of 3,85 mt and the handle is 5,5 mt long. It can fry to more than three tons of fish.


Going around in town’s caruggi* we found even something that seems an ex-voto corner under a statue of Mary, just beside a trattoria.

Two curiosities tied to great personalities and Camogli: Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the most important italian historical personalities, had his first captain’s assignment on a ship from this town.
Friedrich Nietzsche has been in Camogli too around 1890: he started here his work “The Gay Science“. To remember this, there was a plaque, now unluckily destroyed.

Plaque to remember Nietzsche stay in Camogli

Plaque to remember Nietzsche stay in Camogli

*caruggi: it’s the name in Liguria we give to the typical narrow alleys that form our towns and cities centres.

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