MOVIE: “The unloved” – Samantha Morton (2009)

Last night’s movie: “The unloved” – Samantha Morton (2009)

This movie, made for tv even if you’d never tell, talks about a 11yo girl going to live in a uk children’s home and her difficult relationship with her parents and the world. It’s semi-autobiographic, since I read the director (an actress I was not knowing, too) had this experience in life when she was little.
I know something about this topic from my own experience, even if from another point of view: my mom worked for years in a children’s home. She was coming home from work pretty in pieces, always telling me, my brother and sister to remember that, even if we had a lot of problems from when her and my father divorced, we were very lucky.
Once she had to pass the Christmas day with the children for work, and it was very sad for me, since I couldn’t go to my father, as my brother and sister did, and so I passed the day alone. It was very sad for her also, she was continuing to tell that she was giving a decent holiday to them while giving a shitty one to her own children. But she was loving those girls and boys too, I know it and, apart from holidays that were a bit tough, I’ve never been bothered by that.
So watching this movie yesterday reminded me of that period and, from what my mom told me and what I saw in the film, I can tell probably UK’s children’s homes and italian ones are pretty similar. Good movie, very sad.


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