-5 days to Northern Ireland. The Yeti Woman says: rain and cold, really? ;)

As one of the most famous irishmen said:

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”
Oscar Wilde

But when you have to start to think* on what to put inside your bag for three weeks staying, I think it’s pretty understandable to be worried about the weather. I confess that, after seeing the weather forecast for the next week, the temptation is to just take with me a stock of plastic garbage sacks, just to be sure to not get wet.
Also, we are at that time of the year that will magically trasform me in “the Yeti Woman” as I touch the irish ground: as me and Stevie will be going out, all the irish girls around us will be wearing dresses without sleeves and high heels shoes with no stockings. On the other hand I’ll be dressed until the next summer like I’m going to explore the most cold land on earth: big boots, layers of clothes and gloves even in clubs (to not touch the icy beer glass, of course!). Everytime this happens, it makes me think seriously that Stevie has a strange concept of sexyness. Maybe too much Game of Thrones, but, at the end, I’m going to Winterfell 😉


At the pub with friends.

* yes, I’m only “starting to think” about it, because I love to cry histerically on bags the night before the departure, when I end putting random things inside them because of the late time.

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