A drink with my Relocation Demon

This is my fifth moving in two years. I heard worst, creepy stories on continue relocation, still I’ve been educated as a settled person from when I was a child (my dad was so apprehensive that he was not letting me go even to school trips or to sleep at friends’ house). So for me last years have been very stressfull: I learnt the meaning of suddenly not have anymore a place where to stay, having at the same time to deal with the organization of the moving, chosing fast the next place, crossing your fingers that everything will fit in it. I never had to move far, still the change of habits, friends, life, is crushing and disturbing; plus, every time you put your hopes in the place where you are going and the new life you will be living, so when you leave it’s a pain. For the first times you feel stressed, sad, depressed, a complete failure, and all around you there’s just a big mess. It’s always a traumatic event.

In last days I tried to be strong and take it calmly, joking on it and thinking about something else as much as I could; but last night was a friday and in the centre of the city all the people around me were going out with friends. Stevie was in Northern Ireland, out with friends too, also without wifi to receive even a message. As I was moving things, I saw people that once were coming to my parties passing by, all dressed nice, going somewhere to have fun. I had no one to call or to be with me, to have a beer and some words together. I was leaving my dream place and feeling alone and scared also, because I will have to say everyone about this, to put in public something I perceive as a failure in my life and in my project.

I came home and I started to draw a comic about it: moving is a stressfull event, makes you feel lonely and down, and people around you will get only a hundredth part of what you are living. Still, since I moved my stuff around so many times, I’m starting to feel a bit confident with it: I have my brand new friendly nightmare, that is making me feel less alone. Thank you, dear Relocation Demon, you made me smile and laugh last night. Now I feel better 🙂

001 (2)cut

Note to self – Moving things during the week end: never again.


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