Tumblr to WordPress: why now I write here

As I wrote on my “About” page, you can find a bit strange to navigate the first months of this blog: I started it on an old Tumblr account and so, instead of being composed by articles as in the last times, it’s made mostly of photo posts and random thoughts. I already have a blog (two, if you count the english version) for CartEssenza, my jewellery brand, but from some time I wanted to open another one that was not only talking about it: I’m having a particular life with all this traveling back and forth, and I have a ton of different interests. Facebook, that was kinda my “online headquarter” in last years, bored me: too big for my thoughts, too many “friends” and work contacts, too much unwanted opinions and negativity. Also, I manage work stuff on it, so there, for me, it’s almost impossible to have a pause from my job. And, last but not least, I can’t share easily my contents with people out of the social media: I wanted to show my dad, in love with Ireland, photos I took, but it was awkward to make it possible.
So I thought of Tumblr: fast, easy to use, flexible and free (talking about money as about contents…mostly I don’t post things that can be censored, still I don’t look favourably at random limitations). For some time I posted my contents there and all was ok: I gained followers and some of my posts were reposted and liked by the huge international community of the platform.
But then I started to feel a bit uncomfortable for some reasons:

  1. I was not there to repost things, but as a content creator, and I felt I was losing control on the ownership of my posts.
  2. Even if the Tumblr community is very uneven, it’s mostly made of people younger than me.
  3. It’s probably my fault, but I couldn’t get to organize properly my contents: from theme to theme, at the end I was passing more time changing settings and codes than writing.
  4. I was feeling uncomfortable with posting written articles longer than some lines, instead of just photos and thoughts.
  5. I was needing a more personalized and professional looking channel.

So I thought that a more traditional blog like WordPress was the right choice to move my contents. I read around the web that there was a big migration of Tumblr blogs to WordPress when Yahoo acquired the platform: my decision has nothing to do with it. I’ll continue, via the “Publicize” tool, publishing some articles on Tumblr. I still like the platform and the social community there, but I want to give more relevance to the written part and to keep under control my own contents 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tumblr to WordPress: why now I write here

  1. [ Smiles ] You’ve made the right choice of joining WordPress. On WordPress, the blogger owns the content and not the blog site.

    I genuinely hope that you have lots of fun blogging here!

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