Poverty in the time of Chelsea Wolfe’s concert

YES, I’m in the middle of the moving of my lab and in my house, as in my soul, seems a bomb just exploded.
YES, I don’t know what I will do or how I will live in a month (apart from going to N.I., gently sponsorised by Stephen).
AND YES AGAIN, my life is a complete mess.


I truly love Chelsea Wolfe.
I think she has a beautiful voice, even if I mostly don’t like female singers.
I think she is beautiful, even if, after years of gothic clubbing (I’ve been a goth selecter dj for 13 years, you can understand), I can barely stand any other black dressed woman that is not my sicilian grandmother.
I think sometimes her music is the most beautiful soundtrack to my life, even if I sworn to a friend it was his new album (sorry, I’ll offer you a beer).


I’m desperate, since she will be playing in Bologna next Monday, 14th October, and I don’t have money to go.


Quoting one of her songs, “I want flatlands, I never cared about money and all its friends“. I did the same, but it seems something went wrong with me and I got worse results than you, Chelsea :/

Oh well, I’ll listen better from the albums (said the fox about the grapes ūüė¶ ).

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