“IKEA or Death”: a brilliant game by Gatesman+Dave

Since of my work I pass a lot of time on the web and I’m an enthusiast of all those funny, sometimes nerdy/idiot things that can help me pass time between a notification and another. Today a Facebook friend posted this, so I couldn’t miss to try it:

IKEA or Death is a game based on a (true!) theory: IKEA fornitures and metal bands have a thing in common, the difficult names. So, in front of a name, can you tell if it’s an IKEA forniture or a metal band? 😉

After the pure metal disclaimer (An editorial note: the writer of this realizes that these are not all death metal genre bands and that most metalheads love nothing more than to put things in neat little buckets. Just relax and have a laugh. Also: Legal disclaimers are pure evil, which if you listen to metal, you certainly applaud.), you can test yourself, and maybe (…maybe!), have an oustanding result like mine (I swear, I have no idea how that happened…ok, well, I buy IKEA fornitures and I know metal music, but…) 😛

Good move, Gatesman + Dave, I think it’s getting viral (and you gained at least one more like on your Facebook page)!

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