About Voltaggio (AL)

Last sunday we went to a place I really love: Voltaggio is a little country town between Genova and Alessandria. It’s not far from my grandmother’s house, in fact I love it because when I was little my grandfather was taking me there often.

One of the particularities of the town is a sulfur spring right in the middle of it’s ancient part. It was already known in roman times, with the name of Aquae Octavienses. The other name written there “êgua di surfi”, means sulfur water in our dialect, Ligure. The spring is inside an artificial cave and in the centre of a little, peaceful park where sometimes in the past I went to draw an write all by myself. Every time I go there my grandmother gives me containers to take this water back home, since it seems, despite of the bad smell, it’s very good for healt.


Near the spring there’s a very ancient house, Casa Grimaldi, that seems to be the most ancient building in all Lemme Valley. On the sign you can find out of the house (you can see it in the photo) it’s dated around 1251. It was the house of a family that was collecting fees in the territory.

Voltaggio – Alessandria, Italia

22th September 2013

Fake memories of Giorgio Caproni


G. Caproni

I love Caproni, and he loved a lot my city, Genova, his “soul place”. In his words you can understand that feeling that everyone has here: Genova is a hard home, a place that makes you want continously to go away and then crying of love when you are back. It’s a beautiful, sad, deep, complicated bad lover.

Genova che mi struggi.
Intestini. Caruggi.
Genova e così sia,
mare in un’osteria.

I have a vivid memory of Giorgio Caproni reading his verses in my classroom; he was very old, sitting on the teacher desk, reading for us. He took with him even a book to gift us. I wanted it, but a classmate got it.
The fact is he died in 1990 and at that time I was 9. This makes my memory impossible. I don’t have explainations: was it a very vivid dream? On the other hand, I believed it for so many years that my mind can’t process it as an illusion. Everytime I’ll read one of his poetries, I’ll continue to remember Caproni’s old voice as he’s sitting on the desk in my classroom, even if it never happened. Oddities, but at least good ones. 🙂

Photo: Lupodimare

MOVIE: “The Rum Diary” – Bruce Robinson (2011)

I’m reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so I’m kinda in a Hunter S. Thompson period. I loved this movie.
Also: Netflix will be my ruin :’)


27th September 2013

To read D’annunzio together

..e piove su i nostri volti
piove su le nostre mani

su i nostri vestimenti
su i freschi pensieri
che l’anima schiude
su la favola bella
che ieri
m’illuse, che oggi t’illude,
o Ermione.

To not have the possibility of reading D’annunzio together is one of the things that make me feel very sorry that Stevie is not italian native.

27th September 2013

MOVIE: “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” – Michel Gondry (2004)

Last night’s movie: “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” – Michel Gondry (2004)

Just ♥ ♥ ♥


26th September 2013

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MOVIE: “Natural Selection” – Robbie Pickering (2012)

Last night’s movie: “Natural Selection” – Robbie Pickering (2012)

Since it was our last night together and after “Absentia”, we thought to watch a comedy to light a bit up the mood…it didn’t work so well :/


25th September 2013

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Arrivederci, Staglieno!


My last post (for now) on Staglieno: we took so many pictures that it’s been very difficult to choose between them; also, the cemetery is so big and full of statues and art and beautiful spots that you can see only a little part of it in these images. 🙂

Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno – Genova, Italia

20th September 2013

Joy Division @ Staglieno

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Obviously we couldn’t miss the two sculpted graves that were used for Joy Division’s covers: cemetery watchmen helped us to find them, since especially the Appiani Tomb is not very easy to spot being in a secondary gallery 🙂

Tomba Appiani (Love Will Tear Us Apart) e Tomba Ribaudo (Closer), Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno – Genova, Italia

20th September 2013