Constance Mary Lloyd’s grave


Constance Mary Lloyd‘s grave: she was Oscar Wilde’s wife.
She had to run away from England when her husband was imprisoned for the love story with Lord Alfres Douglas and she arrived in Liguria. Since of the scandal that stroke down on her family she had to change their sons second names in Holland and lost all the money they had. Still, it seems she still loved her husband since, even if almost not moving for a form of paralysis, she went back to London to say to Wilde about his mother’s death. She died 40 years old in Liguria after a surgical operation.
Italian Wikipedia says that she was a feminist and that she tried to change woman’s fashion in her life, being also the director of National Dress Society’s Gazette. English Wikipedia talks about her almost only referring to Oscar Wilde’s scandal. For italian people, I found this article about her life: Onore a Constance, vittima di Oscar

Constance Mary Lloyd’s grave, Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno – Genova, Italia

20th September 2013

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