DOCUMENTARY: “Best Worst Movie” – Michael Stephenson (2009)


Last night’s movie (III): “Best Worst Movie” – Michael Stephenson (2009)

A documentary about the horror movie “Troll 2”, that seems to became a cult movie after being for years one of the worst movies ever made. Obviously the next step will be to watch “Troll 2” xD


21th September 2013

3 thoughts on “DOCUMENTARY: “Best Worst Movie” – Michael Stephenson (2009)

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  2. I just watched this the other night! I thought there was a sad undertone to the whole thing… the dentist who always dreamed of being an actor, the director who realized his movie is remembered for being so bad, the woman who stays at home taking care of her mother… It was a great human interest story.

    • Wow, I didn’t see it like that…interesting point of view! I watched it more in a funny way, since all them were joking a lot on the movie. Maybe the only sad part was the director, plenty of himself, still no admitting it was a z-movie…come on! 😉

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