MOVIE: “Pastorela” – Emilio Portes (2011)

Yesterday’s movie: “Pastorela” – Emilio Portes (2011)

Very funny movie 🙂


29th September 2013

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Drunk time-traveler

Good week end: when you go out with a friend, passing from aperitivo to aperitivo, talking about different dimensions, existence of Time and its perception.

Drunk time-traveler.
Photos: Davide Sossi

Vicoli di Genova – Italia

Some moments between 28th and 29th September 2013 (if Time exists)



Mankind can’t resist to change nature. We want to feel home even in the depth of a forest, we are scared of being lost, alone, forgot, of disappearing. This thing tells a lot about our weakness. We create things for others to leave a sign of our passage and to make them come back. I find this sweet.

Voltaggio – Alessandria, Italia

22th September 2013

Leaves – Voltaggio

Autumn this year whispered its first words in my ears from the water. I love its colours, I found them in leaves, stones and a little stream that soon will grow again in a river.

Voltaggio – Alessandria, Italia

22th September 2013